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Crypto_Wizard – Chaincoin masternode made easy


Chaincoin Masternode Made Easy by @Crypto_Wizard

ChainCoin Masternodes are an excellent way to get passive income. Below are instructions on how to set-up and start your first Masternode

ChainCoin - Masternodes Made Easy

Launching a ChainCoin Masternode – Made Easy

Masternodes – How To Set Up #masternodes-how-to-ubuntu

How to host a Chaincoin Masternode on windows.

– Thanks to jeffblogs

How to setup a VPS Hosted Masternode at – PDF and Video Guide

Hey guys, this is pr0fess0r. This guide (PDF and YouTube versions) will help you setup a Chaincoin Masternode in Ubuntu, hosted at
Please follow the steps exactly!
This is great if you don’t want to run a masternode on your own machine.

1. Download the PDF
Download the PDF (Setting up a Chaincoin Masternode – draft v.04.pdf) 💾

2. Watch the videos
Watch the video guide on YouTube, showing you you how to set up a masternode using a Vultr Ubuntu VPS: How to setup a Masternode in Ubuntu via

If you run into problems setting up your Masternode…
1. Watch the videos and read the PDF side-by-side and make sure you’ve done everything exactly right
2. Join the Slack team and ask questions in the #support channel


Chaincoin Masternode Part 1: Introduction – Youtube

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