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PG – Vision – Title


PG – Vision – 01

To make ChainCoin a viable alternative to current centralized banking, a currency with real world decentralized application.
When it comes to banking, and controlling our own money, we have limited options. However, with the emergence of digital currency, we now have choices! ChainCoin is a currency, established in 2014, offering freedom from centralised banking allowing you to use digital currency in the real world.
What does this mean for you? Well, ChainCoin will be easy to use as your local bank. Put money in, pull money out, spend your money, and best of all, your ChainCoin works for you 24/7. All this happens outside current centralized banking allowing more freedom over our funds than ever before.

PG – Vision – Project X

Project X-Chain
Even though the blockchain network is decentralized, many of the services that allow its use in the real world are still centralized. This takes away a fundamental aspect of why we use blockchain networks. With Project X-Chain we aim to create truly decentralized ecosystem by “chaining” multiple blockchains together and providing a decentralized in-wallet exchange. Using this technology a library of applications can be developed to further enhance and assist ChainCoin’s community.

PG – Vision – Core Objectives

Core Objectives
Any feature, whether it be an enhancement or major addition, incorporated into the ChainCoin ecosystem, must adhere to one (or more) of the core objectives. This will ensure ChainCoin stays true to the vision of offering viable real world solutions.

  • Decentralization: No middleman means no chance pollution from outside the blockchain
  • Onboarding: Ensure it is always simple and easy to acquire CHC
  • Spending: Withdraw cash from atms, spend with debit cards, or buy online – same as you can with your local bank
  • Control: ChainCoin will be a feature-rich online bank / wallet allowing you the highest control over your funds
  • Rewards: If you own ChainCoins, they earn you more ChainCoins. If you invest in ChainCoin, and be part of the ecosystem, you get rewarded for your contribution
  • Community: Digital currencies are strong as the community that supports them.

PG – Vision – The Name

Why ‘ChainCoin’?
A chain is safe, a chain is secure, a chain is strong, a chain is made of many links, the same way ChainCoin exist because of our community. These representations fall in line with many of ChainCoin’s values, and as such, ‘ChainCoin’ is a great fit and a great name.

PG – Vision – History

ChainCoin. Est. 2014
Chaincoin started early in 2014 when alt coins starting to experiment with different hashing algorithms. Chaincoin was the first coin launched with eleven hashing algorithms chained, one on top of the other with intentions of Freedom from centralized banking and creating a strong Society to support the movement into cryptocurrency.

Very shortly after launch, Darkcoin (DASH) was launched with almost the same hashing algorithm, just in a slightly different order. This became known as X11. With all the news around Darkcoin (DASH) ChainCoin got missed by many.

However, ChainCoin still continues to survive and strive because of those who continued mining over the last few years.

HM – Community


HM – Development Roadmap

Development Roadmap
The development roadmap is our backbone and is what will make ChainCoin great. It’s going to require hustle and a lot of hard work, but with support from the community, we’re confident we can execute this plan and achieve our mission for ChainCoin.

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