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What is a Masternode? – Section #what-is-a-masternode-info

What is a Masternode?

A Masternode is a server that performs service functions on a blockchain; such as instant send, coin mixing to support privacy, and aids in stabilizing the network. In return, masternodes are paid rewards, dividends in the form of Chaincoin on a periodic basis, for providing important services.

Anyone can run a Masternode and the objective is to have enough online to provide a true level of decentralization, which doesn’t favor a country, a geography, company, or person; assuming the network a network is built to support at a global scale

Masternodes are created when 1,000 Chaincoin (CHC) are sent to the server’s wallet, a form of Proof of Stake – where Masternodes are considered long-term holders, and thus they receive voting rights on the proposals in the network.

The masternode step-up process does consist of many steps, however, the benefit for properly setting the network is worth the financial and community rewards.  YOU, become a real integral part of the community, where each one of up provides importance. Masternodes are paid 25% of that block’s reward; blocks

Masternodes are paid 25% of that block’s reward; blocks are paid out frequently.

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