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NOTICE – Masternode rewards reduced

IMPORTANT: Please note that most masternode operators are not receiving regular rewards due to a network issue that affects all Dash-forked coins. We have evaluated the problem and have determined that the best way to fix it is a major wallet update that will require a hard fork. This hard fork is currently scheduled for the upcoming block halving but as of the writing of this message our new wallet is not ready for testnet. We will update this message, as well as tweet and post in our discord when we have additional information to share.

ROI – ROI Formula & Additional ROI Notes

ROI Formula
ESTIMATED MASTERNODE COUNT: 2630(as of block 1275200, October 21, 2017)
1000 CHC is required to create a masternode

  • The Chaincoin algorithm produces ~ 960 blocks per day, @ 8 coins per block which is 7680 coins daily
  • 45% of the reward is distributed to masternode operators.
  • In one year, the masternodes will earn 1,261,440 coins total.
  • The masternode return is 1,261,440 divided by the current masternode count (see above)
  • With the estimated masternode count (2630) each masternode will receive ~479 coins per annum.
Additional ROI Notes
To receive these rewards, masternode operators must place 1,000 CHC into the wallet associated with their node. Moving the funds out of the wallet will remove the masternode from the network. Additionally, the wallet address will no longer be eligible for rewards either. It is possible for users to move their funds out of the wallet at any given time, although it is not in anyone’s best interest to do so overnight. With the rewards being paid out regularly, there is a lot of passive income to be generated by running a masternode.

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Chaincoin masternode operators provide Private Send and Instant Send functionality and are rewarded for their service delivery. Stakeholders collectively participate in decentralized decision making through the Chaincoin Governance Protocol. Any interested party can participate in Chaincoin’s governance.LEARN ABOUT MASTERNODES >
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