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Chaincoin Tutorials

by Drisign and Cajou.


More tutorials coming soon!

1. How to Set Up Your CHC Wallet1. How to Set Up Your CHC Wallet
2. How to buy your first CHC2. How to buy your first CHC

How to Set Up Your CHC Wallet

I heard that some people had problems installing their wallet so here is a quick tutorial on
How to Set Your CHC Wallet (nothing fancy really):

I. Go the ChainCoin official website:
II. Click on “Wallet” on the top right side of your screen… see the PDF

Download the PDF
( How to Set Up Your CHC Wallet )

How to Buy Your First CHC & How To Transfer it To Your Wallet

So before starting the main core of this tutorial, I would like to explain the environment in which you will be evolving if you want to trade ChainCoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Each coin is created by a team of people who aims to bring some value to this world. Everycoin starts to be traded on some trade platforms also called exchanges. If you have done your own researchs you may have heard about: Bittrex, Poloniex, Shapeshift or Cryptopia.

ChainCoin (CHC) is mainly traded on Cryptopia right now. It is a rather small trade exchange for now but our team is working with other exchanges so we can trade our community coin with the rest of the world….

Download the PDF
( How to buy your first CHC )

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