The Vision

Chaincoin’s Users Sending Money Around The World.

Chaincoin is a global leader for secure transactions allowing users to transmit value around the world on one of the largest worldwide community networks in digital currency providing increased privacy and speed.

What this means for you is Chaincoin will be easier to use than a local bank. Put money in, pull money out, spend your money, and best of all Chaincoin works for you 24/7—Send money when and where you need. All this happens outside current banking channels allowing more freedom over your funds than you have with traditional remittance service providers.


These six principles are to guide our future decision making:

  • Decentralization:​ Remain true to the principles of decentralization.
  • Onboarding:​ Ensure it is simple and easy to acquire CHC.
  • Spending:​ Withdraw cash from atms, spend with debit cards, or buy online – same as you can with your local bank.
  • Control:​ Chaincoin will be a feature-rich wallet (mobile and online) allowing you the highest control over your funds.
  • Rewards:​ As a Chaincoin masternode owner and/or miner you get rewarded for your contribution.
  • Community:​ Always remember the community when making decisions for the long term success of Chaincoin.


Chaincoin was launched on Jan 18, 2014. Chaincoin was the first blockchain coin launched with eleven hashing algorithms chained, one on top of the other, with intentions to free individuals from centralized banking and create a strong community to support the global movement into cryptocurrency.

Chaincoin continues to thrive because of the dedicated community which supports its success and evolution to seize current and future opportunities.